About IONnovate
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world...

How we think

A healthy culture is everything at IONnovate. We promote innovation through teamwork, ownership, honesty, accountability, transparency, and action. Our Missions is to be the launching pad for people, businesses, and community. Our company DNA will get us there.

Our Core Values

We think like customers, act like owners.
We understand what our customers need and acting quickly on those needs.
We challenge conventional wisdom through Innovation.
We have the courage to be adaptive and to create something new.
We take action and deliver results.
We make timely decisions to work smarter not harder.
We are great people doing great things.
Great employees are curious, humble, empathetic, trustworthy, intelligent, and effective.
We fill a purpose rather than a position.
Each person brings a unique quality that makes the team stronger.

Our Passion

Frustrated by the gaps between talent and careers, IONnovate's founder took action to fill those gaps with a bold approach to workforce experience and client needs. He envisioned our world without divides, connected through innovation, opportunity, and equity.

Our unique launching pad model blends junior and senior developer talent to help clients quickly deliver products to market while opening the doors for recruitment and growth. Our passion is the think differently, to set the standard, and execute ideas.

Our Creed

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” Pablo Picasso said that. We see action as an "innovative ION" that attracts diverse people, stories, challenges, and solutions. At IONnovate, we will use teamwork, courage, innovation, purpose, and action to deliver results. We recognize that ideas are easy, execution is everything.

Our leadership team

IONnovate, LLC is the brainchild of founder and CEO Joshua Leavitt. A workforce champion, Joshua was committed to building pathways to developer careers through training, mentorship, and experience. IONnovate is his solution to fill in gaps for entry level talent while mitigating risk for clients through a launching pad model that fit the needs for people, businesses, and the community.

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