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Occupation: Software Developer (15‐1252.00)

IONnovate is the sponsor of the Nevada registered Software Developer Apprenticeship Program.
The program aims to serve employers who require software developers to have a Bachelor’s degree for employment. Eligible candidates are required to have an Associate of Applied Science - Software Programming Degree or equivalent. During the program, apprentices will complete the remainder of their Bachelor’s program at Western Governors University (WGU) while mastering essential technical and behavioral competencies on the job.

The apprenticeship program is competency-based and is expected to take 1 - 2 years to complete.

Technical Competencies include:

- Participates in and supports the creation of product, platform, and/or software development life cycles by assisting Principal Developer and team with initial determination of applicable specifications, requirements, systems and concepts to produce the desired output.
- Supports the Principal Developer and team with mapping out requirement specifications, communicates with other key team members.
- Participates in and supports designing software or platform with the appropriate team.
- Supports the development and assembly of the software, platform, or product.
- Supports testing and debugging; participates in integration and deployment.

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