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What we do

IONnovate is an application development firm that works as an "innovative ION" that attracts diverse people, stories, challenges, and solutions. We've created a unique launching pad model that blends junior and senior developer talent to help clients quickly deliver products to the market. Our senior developers work with clients as intermediaries while mentoring and observing junior developers who will perform the majority of the application development. To top it off, we have the opposite of a non-solicit agreement, meaning if a client wants to recruit the developer(s) who worked on their product, then they can hire them. We open opportunities for communities while providing clients a competitive advantage by building teams through mitigated risk.

Business Services


It takes a lot to get a business started. We can help you quickly bring your product to market. With our services we can:

  • Create a new and interactive website.
  • Build a web application for transactions and data capture.
  • Design a web strategy that connects you with customers.
  • Our launchpad model is ideal for creating your initial team or joining current teams.

Small Business

As a small business, we understand the challenges and complexities of growing your business and maintaining relationships with customers, users, and clients. We can:

  • Modernize your web presence.
  • Build customized in-house applications.
  • Improve your online interaction with customers.
  • Be the partner for your technology needs.


Large organizations often struggle with finding new talent while delivering products and applications timely and reliability to clients and users. Our launching pad model is the ideal solution through talent scalability and immediate assistance in developing and deploying projects.  We will:

  • Quickly integrate with teams on projects.
  • Build in-house web applications.
  • Assist in the deployment of applications.
  • Provide organizations a competitive advantage by building teams through mitigated risk.

Developer Services

Junior Developer

A junior developer has a good foundational competency in application development, yet needs opportunities to build experience, gain knowledge, and function within a development team environment. At IONnovate, we provide these opportunities while working with senior developers who will mentor and guide an junior developer through the career growth process.

IONnovate Training

IONnovate provides junior developers opportunities to learn new languages and tools to advance their growth as application developers. Junior developers work with a team on internal and client projects, while senior developers provide mentorship and guidance during the development process.

Bolster your professional portfolio

We are here to advance careers. Our launchpad model provides opportunities for junior developers to build their experience by working on client projects while opening the doors to further employment prospects. IONnovate applies the opposite of a non-solicit agreement, meaning if a client wants to recruit the junior developer(s) that worked on their project, they can recruit them. Our model is a win-win for everyone.

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